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Ewc Payments Pty Ltd Donvale NE Complaints & Reviews

Ewc Payments Pty Ltd Donvale NE / FRAUD!!!


This company has taken $9.95 out of my account causing overdraft fees and nsf charges to my account ... It has to completely process before I can dispute anything and I have ten other charges from and plus the nsf charges on those... no one will answer the phone and when they do you CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD THEY SAY!!! my account is now $-400.00 and counting because of companies like this.. they are out to ruin peoples lives. and their credit. I'm 20 yrs old and getting married in 14 months, I work in retail. This was the last thing I EVER...

Ewc Payments Pty Ltd Donvale NE / fraudulent charge


just got an unauthorized charge of $ 69.95, which is exactly the amount what i authorized to charged by EABILLING.COM on Nov 7th. I guess EWC has something to do with EABILLING.COM, i paid for a subscription on a website which uses EABILLING.