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Estate Planning, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Estate Planning, Inc. / Live and Learn!


I purchased 40 pre-set appointments that were supposedly with qualified seniors for financial planning appointments. I was expecting two appointments per day and received a call from the telemarketers that they had an appointment for me (1). I asked why they can't set one more like the agreement said? They said it takes a while to get up to that amount. I went out to the home on this appointment and when I arrived the man said that all I was supposed to do was drop some lititure off. I attempted several times to get in for a presentation, no success. I called the company and spoke with...

Estate Planning, Inc. / Estate Planning inc is the biggest rip off ever in our industry!


Estate Planning inc is the biggest rip off ever in our industry! Mark Philips and his band of thieves are at it again, under a new name. American marketing insurance ripped off many of us in the industry. Once we all knew of Mark, Neil and the gang, they formed annuity concepts, and now estate planning inc! Unfortunately, I have been taken twice now because of their name change, and they wont even return my calls. Neil answers the phone only when i use *67. Then is rude and nobody calls, ever. Appointments are same as always, people have no idea why im there? Or im supposed to drop off a...