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Estate agents Complaints & Reviews

Estate agents / Repairs to rented house

Apr 30, 2011

I am renting a house from the above estate agents. We are two women living on our own here with two very old parents who live in the attached cottage. I have on numerous occassions sent @ rentals email regarding the large sliding door, which we unable to lock and also the cottage door leading to the road is also unable to lock, I have explained to the agents the urgency of getting these repairs, but have heard absolutely nothing about this. I feel because we are paying such a high rental for this house, we should be entitled to get the agents to look into this matter with great urgency. My...

Estate agents / Unethical behavior!


I am posting this entry because I have just been gazumped by the owners and the agents of the property at Flat 2, 4 Greencroft Gardens, London NW6 3LS, and duped of the money and time I had put into the deal. I am writing about this for two reasons: - To inform the general public about another instance of duping and rogue play by property agents. - To inform any buyer planning to buy this property of the actual price and events, so that no one else is duped in the same way as I have been. I put an offer on this property beginning of November 2007 and it was accepted at just about £ 400,000...