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Essential Med / bad service

Dec 12, 2017

On the 15th of November (Sunday), I had severe abdominal pain, we tried to go to our network doctor, but they just closed, went home thinking maby its just a wind so I took some anti-acid. The pain eventually got so bad that it spread to my back, so my mother gave me the funds to go to a out of network doctor, which I was allowed to do and then claim it back. so I went paid and got a cash receipt, asked essential med for a reimbursement form and submit that, and that was a problem as they said they require a statement from the doctors office and not just a cash slip, so I did that and resent...

Essential Med / Non payment

Apr 23, 2014

Essential med will not pay my claim as they are adamant that the claim is for something completely different to the actual medial reason submitted which includes the doctors letter. I have asked them to read all the documentation and then confirm when the claim will be paid but they will not. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. They will not even follow up on communication sent and questions asked. I was told my claim has been sent for processing and 2 months later I am told the claim could not be sent for processing as they don’t have a doctors letter which I personally supplied 3 days after admission.

Essential Med / Membership Termination

Sep 23, 2013

After receiving the most shocking service (bad attitude, empty promises, vague or no feedback at all) from Essential Med I receive a letter (sent via email) in which they state that they are ending our membership (myself, my husband and our toddler daughter). As shocking as this may be, I am not even the primary beneficiary and I do not have a contractual agreement with Essential Med, my husband has a contract with Essential Med. I had no choice but to contact the compliance officer which then was in contact with Essential Med informing them that this is obviously not the correct procedure to...

Essential Med / Bad service

Aug 22, 2013

I joined Essential Med 2 months ago and since I joined there service was the worst i ever experience. From the beginning till now I there was promises made, needles to say that nothing came out of the promises. First the so called consultants never told me everything I must know, after I joined and received my welcome back I realized there is a waiting period for some services.after my joining date i was supposed to wait a week for my welcome pack, only after 2 weeks one of the "so-called" managers deliver the packaged in person by me, another week later the packaged was delivered by mail...