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Equitable Acceptance Corp. Complaints & Reviews

Equitable Acceptance Corp. - California, Fontana / High Interest 31.75%

Sep 17, 2015

The interest is way to high 31.75%, they are not careful applying their customer payments, they posted my payment to a different account, when on my check's memo I clearly wrote down the account number. They take too long to resolve errors they make, and their website is poor quality. Never, never again will I use or recommend Equitable Acceptance, and I will make sure to tell every single person I know and I come across with to NEVER and STAY AWAY from Equitable Acceptance.

Equitable Acceptance Corp. - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Never ending loan


This finance company has a never ending loan(original loan amount of $1, 700.00)! I did not receive statement from Equitable for 2 months, finally found a number for them, (they did not have a website yet and were not listed in phone directory) called spoke to an employee who told me he personally had gone into my account info to fix something and by mistake it kicked me out of there mailing cycle is why I had not received statements, so finally got one! I paid the 2 months that I had not received the statements and the current payment due, it said to pay late payments, but I refused to pay...