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Employment Complaints & Reviews

Employment - Ontario, Orleans / employment

Sep 12, 2018

Good afternoon From October 2017, my son was an employee at one of your locations in Ottawa 1270 Trim Rd. On Monday July 9th his baseball team won their Provincial Tournament and was off to Edmonton on short notice to compete in the Canadian Tournament representing all of Ontario. He was scheduled to work Tuesday July 10. He went in early on the 10th in order to speak to his supervisor about the need for time off. He was also scheduled the following day July 11. He was advised by his supervisor that the time off he required was not a problem based on the following: A) He fulfill his Tuesday &...

Employment / hiring procedure

Mar 16, 2018

This is one such company who waste candidates time and money and promise fake things and commit but they do not fulfill and also they just make candidates play around them for nothing. They put themselves down by saying the company is not well organised I was told the same by Arun who is one of the manager there and Divya who is the HR does not know how to communicate well and neither the company and nor the head or manager or TL or any one know how to treat a candidate. I took my time gave my interview performed well and also I cleared all the rounds. I had to proactively followup with the HR...

Employment - Missouri, Florissant / Jobs


I lost my job in April of 2009 and at that time the everything seemed to down the toliet. Our banks, homes, jobs, cars, everywhere you turned something or someone was needing help to bail them out. I thought it wouldn't be long and things would get back on track again and I would again be employed. In August I got a temporary/part time job with an attorney who practices med mal. I can handle that with no problem after all I have been a Legal Secretary for over 20 years. Then I started looking for a full time job - nothing. I have been turned down by more companies and law firms than I can...