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Empire Manufacturing Complaints & Reviews

Empire Manufacturing / Warn do not join this company

May 03, 2015

Here to alert People going to join Empire Manufacturing company. I found that we have head count turnover 60%, All the pioneer staff already leave the company. The most important position is Finance Controller also resign from this company. This company try to do a lot breaking law things. But I still see a lot new staff coming in but they cant last long after two month or one week then they leave. This is not healthy in such of company. Some more this company this company is run Indian from India. Their words cannot be trust especially Pradeep. His word will twist and turn. Anything he will...

Empire Manufacturing / Complaint

Nov 09, 2014

After I read the complaint on the board of compalint I feel is true, I have big stress in this company the stress is not work related is politic they try to poison each others. Everything problem they can't solve then try blame or they will make the issue become big. So every body will know you are wrong. Why can't we work along with teamwork and peaceful to solve the issue. But luckily I already resign. EMSB staff you all need to know in EMSB no one is the company share holder, From management until lowest level all have their own rice bolt, no body will protect you if you boost up...