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Emmons Motor Company Complaints & Reviews

Emmons Motor Company - Texas, Pasadena / Unethical behavior

Apr 7, 2017

Justin, the sales person, and Greg Guiles, the general manager at Emmons did not exhibit integrity or customer service after I bought a car from the dealership. I did my due diligence, having an inspections of the car, before purchasing it on February 25, 2017. In my experience I found that Justin will call on his day off to sell a car, when he can make some money or if there is a potential lawsuit due to is knowingly selling a lemon. For instance, after the car inspection the mechanic told me that the oil pan was changed and that the car was in good condition. When I arrived at the lot to...

Emmons Motor Company - Texas, Pasadena / Poor Service


On March 10, 2010, I contacted the Emmons Motor, CO dealership located in Pasadena, TX because I was interested to purchase a car from them. I made a verbal agreement over the phone with the salesperson Gary Emmons and told him that I am defiantly interested in purchasing this vehicle and that I was going to overnight him a deposit check in the amount of $2, 000. On the same day I made a money order in the amount of $2, 000 and overnight it to the Emmons Motor, CO via FedEx. The next day, I called the dealership and Gary told me that he was going to sale the car to someone else because they...