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Emery Cat Complaints & Reviews

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Emery Cat - Pennsylvania / Does NOT work - sharpens claws

sophieking on Mar 25, 2011
I purchased the Emery Cat at one of those stores that sells "As Seen on TV" products. I paid $19.95 for one. I thought I was ripping myself off because I could have gotten 2 for the same price online or by calling the number listed in the TV ad. I am SO glad I didn't make that mistake after reading these reviews. THANK YOU to all of you for providing this valuable information on this scam. Now MY complaint is that my cat has used the Emery Cat every day for over 3 months & her claws are sharper than ever! It does NOT work as an emery "board". I even tried clipping her claws to give it a...

Emery Cat / Customer Service

Add one more complaint for this company. I got scammed through their marketing ploy as several other people have mentioned. When I called their customer service number and actually got someone to talk to me, they were unable to find my order even though I got their e-mail order confirmation within minutes of placing the order that I didn't intend to do. The way their website is set up you place the order before you comfirm that the order is correct. There are no back buttons in order to change your order or correct any information regarding it. I was asked to call back in a couple of...

Emery Cat - Massachusetts, Hopkinton / Cat developed Eye Problems

Not only does the Emery Cat not file down cats nails, the fine granules that come off when the cat scratches is harmful to your cat. I've had to take my cat into the vet for an swollen and inflamed inner eye lid. He's an indoor cat so the likelihood of him getting this condition is slim. While rubbing the Emery Cat, I noticed these fine sand granules rubbing off onto my finger...I'm sure this is what irritated my cat's eye. It's now in the trash bin!

Emery Cat / unethical practices

I have just spent the last 4 days trying to get out of a purchase my Mom made . Like every other complaint here, all she wanted was one cat board and ended up with a bill of $86.47. My emails were returned as not answered. When I phoned the "customer satisfaction" line they could not find my Mom's order ( surprised?) even though it had been 4 days she said the order had not yet arrived. My last shot was to call AllStar 1-866-430-8155 and the lovely woman there cancelled my order in seconds. Lesson of the day, don't give up, keep phoning. What goes around comes around, they are in deep kitty litter.

Emery Cat - Colorado, Aurora / does not wear down claws

I ordered this product as it claimed it would basiclly file down the claws on my cat but it has just done the opposite. I can't keep the claws trimmed from the sharpness. I believe the claim they say is not true.I am very unhappy with this product. Attempting to contacte them is next to impossible.

Emery Cat / Missing Shipment

I have too fallen for the BOGO Emery Cat. I placed my order and only wanted one emery cat, not two. I didn't want to pay the extra shipping and handling fee. I was not given the option not to get the 'free' one. I placed my order anyway and I still don't know where my order is. Emery Cat sent me an email letting me know it was shipped and also gave me my FedEx tracting number. It was been weeks and FedEx claims they have not received the package from Emery Cat. Emery Cat claims that FedEx has picked it up. All I know is that my tracking number is not found by FedEx. So...

Emery Cat - Connecticut, Wallingford / confusing order forms/ cheap product

Ordered Emery Cat online after viewing TV commercial. First of all Its not really BOGO free. The charge is $19.95 +$7.95 S&H for one, To get the so called "free" one it is an extra $7.95 for S&H. Okay then, when you hit submit after giving all the necessary info You then get another page come up with confusing information asking if you want one or two orders, DO NOT click TWO or you will end up with Four Emery cats at a price of around $80.00( according to other complaints) I stopped right there before I entered anything and called the number. Of course I wanted two, but the way it was worded...

Emery Cat - California, Duarte / Web Site Deception

These people are a total rip-off. I got on their website to order their product and before sent the order saw that it required refills. I never submitted the order. I navigated away from the website so the order would not go through. Much to my surprise I had ordered it anyway. They never sent me an email confirming the order so I had no idea that it went through. A call to their customer service produced nothing. They basically told me that even if you don't submit the order the second you put in your information the order has gone through. Then when I told them I never got an email they...

Emery Cat - Texas / Website Rip Off

When will I learn to check the complaints board? I ordered the BOGO about an hour ago, and instead of being charged for 1 board at $19.95 plus 7.95 shipping, and an additional "free" board for $7.95 for a total of $35.85 I ended up with a charge of $86.70. Of course when I called customer service they didn't have a record of my order yet and I had to give the system time to "download" the order. I have been advised to call back in a few hours. HMMM...right. For the record, I am an online shopper. I do most of my shopping online, so I am not computer illiterate and I do know how to...

Emery Cat - New Jersey, Atlantic City / Over charges (update)

Okay - so here's the update. I called Emery Cat this morning and he pulled up my order. My first question was, " how much is shipping for one?". He replied " $7.95 for one". I asked " then why was I charged $15.90 on my order?" He said "you ordered a set". I said " no, I just ordered one". He said " that's the deal, it's buy one get one free, just pay s&h for both". I said " no, I just want one". He said, "you can't buy just one". I said, "OK CANCEL MY ORDER, I don't want any". He said, " okay, I'll cancel your order and put you in for one". I said, "oh, so I can...

Emery Cat - Massachusetts / DO NOT BUY

I just tried to order the emery cat and came to realize that this is a COMPLETE SCAM - BUYER BEWARE!!! The "promotion" says buy one/get one free for $19.95+shipping and handling (an additional $7.95 for the free one). The order process takes you through a series of "additional promotions, " which I said "no thanks" to, and at the end when I reviewed my order, my credit card was charded $19.95 + $15.90 for S&H for ONE item. I'm not even sure my order includes the base. Again, this seems very much like a SCAM!! I will be contacting my credit card company... Also, I've read on a number...

Emery Cat - Alabama, Florence / false advertising

Company advertising on line that you get all items pictured. YOU DON'T. To get the base which you need for the pad, you have to pay extra plus pay shiping and handling. No chance to review order. Once they get your credit card number you have no option to review much less cancel. I hope the product works but based on the trickery, I seriuosly doubt it. Please don't help this company rip off more people who WORK for their money.

Emery Cat - Connecticut, Wallingford / sent item that was cancelled, overcharged, kept state taxes on returned item

I placed an order in May 2009. Approximately 6 weeks later, I received a postcard that the items to be shipped would be delayed. If I still wanted them, I was to sign the card and send it back. Otherwise, the order would be cancelled. I decided to cancel the order and did not return the card (which I still have). Six months later (November), I saw a charge by Emery Cat on my credit card. I called them and learned that they had shipped the CANCELLED order. I refused the package so that I would not need to pay shipping and handling for the return. They credited me partially for the return but did not credit me for the shipping and handling charge OR FOR STATE TAXES (which, I am guessing, is probably illegal).

Emery Cat - Connecticut, Walingford / Deceptive Advertising

Company advertises 2 cat scratching boards for the price of one plus $7.95 S&H. This is not only untrue but a customer does not get to view what they are ordering...instead the order is submitted without hitting an order confirmation. The 2nd scratching board is not free...it is $14.95. And you are charged 4 s&H charges of $7.95 each, so the order comes to $66.70 instead of $27.90. You cannot call to cancel: no one is present to accept the call. Unless you want to throw away your money, this scratching board is a major rip off. Read all the other complaints online before placing an order.

Emery Cat - Connecticut / Not really a BOGO! DON'T DO IT!!!!

The website SAYS that each emery cat is $19.95. After I had submitted my order I am shown that EACH emery cat is $29.95. One of those was supposed to be BOGO! Not only that but the website says that S&H is $7.95, it's not. I paid $31.80 for shipping for the two emerycat POS's. Once you recieve the confirmation email it offers a "free shipping" link. I wll not be entering my credit card informtion again just for these low lifes to steel more money from me!

Emery Cat - South Carolina / Deliberately Deceptive Advertising

Both the television and Internet ads advertise a board for $19.95 plus shipping and handling--$7.95, and you get another one free, paying just the $7.95 shipping and handling. Total of 35.85 plus tax of course. The bill comes and it charges 19.95 for the first board, 14.95 for the "free" board, and 15.90 P&H for EACH; total of 66.70 (in this state). By the time your order becomes "accessable" to the (well trained)customer service reps, it is too late for adjustments though they previously told you to call back and they will adjust. They will tell you that they will refund one of the P&H...

Emery Cat - Connecticut, Wallingford / Deceptive Advertising / Overcharges

www.EmeryCat.com advertised 1 item at $19.95 + $7.95 s/h, and a second item "FREE" + $7.95 s/h. My CC was charged $66.70 for "First Item + Second Item 'at Reduced Price' (instead of 'FREE') + $31.80 s/h (instead of $15.90)". Calls to their "Customer Service" at (866) 438-8842 did NOT work. I was on hold for almost an HOUR, and was then told that my order was "not in the system" for 2 days. On the 3rd day, AT EIGHT-O-FIVE A.M. (5 minutes after they start accepting calls), my order WAS "in the system", but they wanted to charge my CC $35 TO CANCEL MY ORDER, because it had...

Emery Cat - Connecticut / Dishonest ads with no access

Again, unclear ordering form. I wanted two, the second one free with only the $7.95 shipping fee. The form asked "1" or "2"? I put down "2" and the order went through for "4" with $31.80 in shipping fees. I have tried every means to get back to them to cancel the order--impossible! It is "not in the system yet, therefore it can't be canceled." Absolute rip-off! Am contacting the Better Business Bureau plus "Rip-Off" online site.

Emery Cat / Shady Marketing

This company does not give you the whole truth in purchasing their products. They advertise a board for $19.95 plus shipping and handling--$7.95, and you get another one free, paying just the shipping and handling. So why does this order turn out to total: $71.00????? The s&h charge turned out to be almost $32.oo. There was NO opportunity to review the total before confirming the order. My suggestion is not to order from this company.

Emery Cat - Florida / Overcharges

Advertisement uses misdirection and "BOGO" to imply buy one get one which is actually 25% off and appears to be 2 P&H charges. If you order one unit at $19.95 and $7.95 P&H and accept the BOGO (expecting another P&H of $7.95) for a total of $35.85. But the total is $66.70. The original $19.95 and BOGO unit, not free but 25% off, at $14.95 and 4 P&H charges. None of these add progressively and wait for acceptance they "are being processed" before you see your total. You will also have a chance for an upgrade to a sturdy unit that won't slide around for another $10. Sounds like a good product with shady marketing.
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