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Emerge Visa Complaints & Reviews

Emerge Visa / increase in % charged to consumer


this credit card company is demanding an interest rate of 30%, which is outragious for someone who has a very high credit rating and has never paid late. This pratice must be illegal and unfair; the result will only serve to damage the American taxpayer. I was left with no other choice, but to cancel this card, which will have a negative impact on my credit rating. I am certain this will effect a large number of the American population if this company and companies like it continue to take advantage of the American public.

Emerge Visa / I thought that was the end of the story...


I had a credit card with Fleet, I received my new card for 2005 which I never activated. All current charges were paid in January 2005 and the card expired 10/05. I received a call from a representative of emerge attempting to collect fees( service fees or annual fees) for my card. I explained I paid off the account in January 2005 and never used it. I was told the charges would be removed since it was in error. Several weeks later I received a call from yet another representative stating these charged were placed on my account in error and would be removed. I thought that was the end of the...