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Elegant Rags/Elegant Ragdolls Complaints & Reviews

Elegant Rags/Elegant Ragdolls / unethical cat breeder


Wow I just discovered this site today with numerous complaints against Elegant Ragdolls, complaints dated in 2009. You should know this breeder, Jessica Perry, used to live in Arizona before relocating to SC. I put a deposit on a ragdoll kitten back in 2008 only to be told a couple of weeks before it was time to get her that she died. Despite repeated requests that my deposit refunded, she continually stalled, so I opted to pick another kitten. The kitten I adopted was 5 months old. The first thing I noticed about her is that she didn't seem to have that ragdoll personality that thi...

Elegant Rags/Elegant Ragdolls - South Carolina / Injured, sick cat


I purchased a 1 year old Seal Bi-color male from this cattery over the past week. When I went to meet Jessica in SC and pick him up he was filthy. Apparently she didn't give herself enough time to bathe him. She was delivering a kitten to a woman that day also that appeared to be cleaned up. When we got the cat home, he appeared to be favoring his right paw. Within 24hrs, he wouldn't put any weight on it. I looked at his paw and it was swollen and had blood seeping out of it. It was an obvious infection. I immediately took him to the Animal Urgent Care. His white count was through...