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Elegant Rags Complaints & Reviews

Elegant Rags - South Carolina / Sick Cat

Mar 24, 2012

I purchased a male seal point mitted Ragdoll from Love Ragdolls in November 2011. I took him to the vet the day after I received him per the contract. He was found to have an ear infection. He continued to be treated for this until February 2012 when they discovered an ear polyp that was causing the chronic infections. It was removed and the vet said it had been there a while, so it is obvious that he already had it when I got him. He has a 50% chance of it returning, if it continues to come back he may have to have his ear canal removed ! ! I have been wondering how it is possible that he got...

Elegant Rags - South Carolina / another sick kitten


We had a horrific experience with Elegant Rags. We had similar horror stories as the other poor victims: the sick kittens and their heartbroken families. We only heard from Jessica Perry 9 times the day she was trying to sell us our kitten, after she received her money, she became unreachable, especially when our kitten was tragically ill. Whoever from elegant Rags wrote that they were never sent vet bills is adding to their lies, we faxed all of our vet bills totaling over $2, 000, we never heard from her again despite the almost daily calls we made to her looking for pertinent medical...

Elegant Rags - South Carolina / fatally sick kitten


Another tragic sick adorable "" kitten has also died due to the FIP dsease. Our kitten arived with two upper respitory diseases, worms and fleas. Jessica Perry was heartless, cruel and unreachable. Contact us at [email protected] we can forward our copies of phone records (of trying to reach her without calling back, ) medical records/vet bills, and pictures of our dear cat. The money is the smallest of our loss at over $3, 000. She insisted we neuter our kitten even though he was not completly well so we could fullfill our end of the contract. After we sent her all of our...

Elegant Rags - South Carolina / Sick kittens


I am posting this, as I want people to be BEWARE of falling for lovely photographs of beautiful kittens, posted for sale on the Internet, AND TO STOP PEOPLE HAVING TO GO THOUGH WHAT WE ARE STILL GOING THROUGH. I WAS TAKEN IN... after losing my 20 year old Ragdoll. Also to NEVER BUY ANIMALS without seeing them first, ... AND NEVER BE AS STUPID AS I WAS. THIS IS FOR ALL THE SICK ANIMALS WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM THIS BREEDER, AND ESPECIALLY FOR MAX... MIA STILL NEEDS OUR PRAYERS... Having lost our 20 year old cat 6 months ago, we have an 18 year old Ragdoll, who was and still is, sadly missing her...