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Electronic Cigarette Complaints & Reviews


Sep 12, 2012

I received an add in July 2012 saying I could have a free trial for an electronic cigarette. I just had to pay ten euros for the shipping.So I sent ten euros. I received the product in August.I tried it and did not like it. I thought that was all, because ir was supposed to be a free trial. In September I received a refill by the mail from GO FULFILMENT, 4, THE FORT WALTHEW HOUSE LANE, MARTLAND PARK, WIGAN, WN5 OLX, GB I sent the company an email to say that I did not wanty any other refill and that I cancelled any transaction with them. They answered that they had not received any...

Electronic Cigarette / Vape Electronic cigarette anywhere

Aug 31, 2012

Electronic Cigarette requires no introduction to those who are habituated with smoking. It is the latest technological advancement which has just too many health benefits. If you are not yet aware of the thing, read on! Electronic Cigarette is, first and foremost, tobacco free. It has absolutely no tobacco, and is free from more than 4, 000 harmful chemicals that are always there in any tobacco cigarette. Electronic Cigarette is free from tobacco, and consequently, from numerous harms of the tobacco-laden ordinary cigarettes. The nicotine in Electronic Cigarette is dissolved in usually four...

Electronic Cigarette - Utah, Sandy / Never got refund


I clicked on a Ad on Facebook which said free Electronic cigarette just pay $9.95 shipping. They called to verify my address and when I called back they said that I will be charged $99.10 a month. I never saw that and I asked to cancel and they stated that I can't cancel because the product went out already. I was told that I had 10 days to decide if I wanted to keep the cigarette and they would charge the $99.10 on Jan 2, 2010. I called back on December 30th to cancel and they said they had charged my card already on the 29th. They would not give me a refund even though I never opened...

Electronic Cigarette / scam


I, like others fell for this scam and ordered the "free" online trial and was charged $9.95. This product was aweful and I tried to contact this company by email and phone to no avail. I have since then received another 3 charges totaling $179.80. This company has several alias names that they are using. I have contacted my CC comapny and they are removing the bogus charges and their security department is going to find this company and end the scams. Word to the wise: Be careful what "FREE" offers you sign up for.

Electronic Cigarette - Connecticut / did not recieve trial product but paid $9.99 for S&H.


I repied to an offer for a trial of e-cigs with the understanding that within in 30 days, if I was no longr interested, i could cancel, no questions asked. I did not recieve the sample but $9.99 was charged to my master Card Debit Card. My bank, charter One says the amount of $99.10 was on hold and they couldn't stop payment but they could recover the funds after filing a fraudluent claim. I do not have the full name of the company but it but they go by "Media" and the first telephone numbers, according to my bank are, 1-800-782. That is all they could give. Can you help?? I wanted to try...

Electronic Cigarette / Price


Well there are now these new things out, electronic cigarette. Good thing, money saving except the first inatal price of $70 but any ways. People can't smoke regualr ciggs inside anymore. Why won't they allow you to smoke the electronic cigarette inside. They don't give off an odor and the smoke is so thin that unless your like inches away from the persons mouth there more than likely not going to inhale it and there is no risk for fire becuase no lighter, no flame = no fire so where in lies the problem?