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Electricity Complaints & Reviews

Electricity - Illinois, Carol Stream / Bullying

Jun 6, 2015

I'm tired of Comed trying to bully myself concerning payment for services. currently I owe Comed $500 (plus change) in short I made payment arrangements with Comed and missed the first arranged payment (on accident), instead of Comed sending out a notice of suspension of payment arrangements, they send out discontection notices, i'm not at all intimidated by the notices but i;m tired of them thinking they can punk people. The solution i'm thinking would be to reinstate the payment arrangment, I will make the first payment immediately and if I don't they can continue with the cut off process. Sincerely Malcom

Electricity / Kunda System

Jun 17, 2014

Please stop scenario of the scamming and fake checks on Kunda which is always done by Kunda Team of KESC. They help the people who always use Kunda, and make their commission settings with them and levied the bills of Kunda or average bills on the other people of the same streets. If anyone is sincere with his country in the related departments of KESC then please break this scenario of scamming. And only penalty those people who are liable to do this scamming.

Electricity / Seasonal Delivery Rates

Feb 5, 2014

Hydro One have adopted an improper rate & billing structure for delivery charges on Seasonal Customers. In the 2 month period of Nov -Dec 2013, my electricity consumption was $190 with delivery of approx $323 on top of that. Fore each kW I used, had to add 15 cents for delivery charges. This totally defeats the new TOU rates and energy conservation initiatives. Peak and off-Peak power are a minimal component of my bill. In discussion with Hydro One, they said that it is not really a discussion point they believe is necessary to highlight and the issue for my case is really that I am...

Electricity - Texas, Dallas / Overcharging

Sep 14, 2011

TXU refuses to acknowledge receipt of payment that I submitted on August 5, 2011. They have placed a disconnect notice for the exact amount that has been deducted from my account that TXU has received. I have forwarded all documents such as; confirmations from TXU's website confirming payment has been received with confirmation # including the date of August 5, 2011 as well as emailing TXU a copy of my bank statement that shows the payment was deducted and received by TXU. Please, please send me some help!!! I need help fighting this issue because TXU will not own up to their mistakes and errors to correct the problem. Thank you kindly.

Electricity - New York, New York / Power Outages

Jul 13, 2011

I moved into this building about 9 months ago and have realized why it's so difficult to live in this building. For several summers now there have been countless power outages and NYCHA has not been responsible enough to fix the problem. I understand that we do not pay for electricity but if that's what needs to happen for this problem to be fixed then please charge me for electricity. Randomly during the day, I could be working on my computer or avoiding the heat outside and the power will go out. Supposedly this has been going on for years during the summer time. And it only...


Apr 13, 2011

Good day This is just the tip of the ice bag of what I have to go thru every week with city of Tshwane. I have two accounts for the same household which after a long battle I was told the other one is for rates and taxes and the other one for services, I went personally to Akasia City of Tshwane in 2001 after the death of my husband to report his death but the other account still comes under both our names and the other one is on my name only. A lot has been happening but only in the last month, I finally made a loan( I had to resell my house to myself) from Absa to pay this account and get...

Electricity - Alabama, Mobile County / Discrimination, Invasion of Privacy, Manipulation, Lying

Mar 15, 2011

I have had the worst experience with Alabama Power! I am still in shock! On March 10th 2011 I moved where the Landlord included power with the rent. This worked for me as a single parent since my x husband left us with bills. I have had to do this since 2008 due to raising kids by myself & not making much money. Anyway, my Landlord called the power company and requested power to be turned on @ his rental home which was on his property of 50+ yrs. He was told that the previous tenant had a large bill. The mgr then asked who the new tenant was. She continued to insist that I was the previou...



The Manager Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation Billing Department Orangi Town, Karachi Consumer # LA257531 Meter No. E74611 A/C 1706817640013 Dear Sir, Please be informed that there are nothing any outstanding arrears against my Accounts No.1706817640013 and we have to use regular payments of our Electric Consumption Bill and already been paid bill for the month of April 2010 Rs.892.00. Now we received a surprising bill on 03-06-2010 for the Month of May 2010 for Total Rs.8, 100/- unit consumption 150 alongwith an arear Rs.7, 302.93. While we are paying Electrical bill regular basis month by...

Electricity / Meter reconnection


My meter was removed on the 11/02/2010 and I was summoned to pay a fine of R720 of which I did on the 26/02/2010. I called Eskom to notify them about my payment and I was told to wait for 14 days of which I did but my meter has not been reconnected till now. I usually called to get an update because I have payed. I am complainig about Eskom delegation my meter should have been installed by now and I did not steal electricity my reference no 33926519.

Electricity - Texas, Killeen / ridiculous electricity bill


I recently recieved a bil from reliant energy, my usuall bill never goes above $250, but for dec i got a bill for$450, and then they changed the meter in dec and now my jan 10 bill is $667 dollars. when i called hey said that they had to change the meter becuase it was runing slower than it suppose to, and he gave me an excuse that it does that sometime because of bad weather, but the thing is it's brand new house built in 07, i am about to file a complaint with the better business bureau, and the attorny generals officce, and the federal trade commision. I will pay my bill i'm just...

Electricity - Texas / RIP OFF


Gexa energy is a complete rip off. The worst service ever. I have been disconnected 2 times in 10 days. Now how can this be. I got a message from them about my service. I called and spoke to a rep on oct 27. She told me I needed to pay $200. I did so that same day. On nov 3rd guess what, my service was disconnected. I called to find out the problem. I was told that the bill was $279 and I needed to pay $79 to be restored. So they cut me off for $79. Why didnt the rep tell me $279!!! I did so. I paid the $79. I had to stay in a hotel that night. That cost me $100 more bucks. So, on monday nov...