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Effectur Complaints & Reviews

Effectur / Rip off


Effectur inc of Greensboro N.C. is to be avoided at all costs, if you have delt with them than the smartest thing to do is call the N.C. Attorney Generals office and consumer affairs office and register a complaint . This company has so many complaints against it that i dont understand why our federal government is so stupid not to shut them down, they are hurting I.R.S. collections inwhich is keeping funds from the federal goverment because they hold up taxes being paid to same. They keep you on this long lasting payment plan stealing thousands from you while in your behalf they do nothing...

Effectur - North Carolina, Greensboro / rip-off


avoid this company at all costs/This tax company will take your funds and do nothing at all for you, they lie to you and make you feel very used. I IN MY LIFETIME HAVE NEVER FELT MORE RIPPED-OFF THEN THEY HAVE MADE ME FEEL. No return phone calls, promise fast settlements with the irs, lies to your face and then has another company representative tell you the same lie, They have me in worse shape now with the irs than 6 months ago when i hired these bunch of preditors/i only hope our government inwhich they are hurting to shut down these guys for fraud/The attorney generals office needs to hear from everyone who has been ripped off by this company effectur inc. The heartless tax company.

Effectur - North Carolina, Greensboro / Failure to provide services or respond to communications


I hired Effectur to handle my tax debt with IRS. They stalled until my fees were paid in full, and then stopped work and wouldn't return calls or emails. Additionally, in April, 2009, Effectur failed to relay to me a urgent request from the IRS Revenue Office handling my case that he needed certain documents by April 15. As a result, the IRS filed liens against my company, and it resulted in my appearing to be non-cooperative with the IRS and the Revenue Officer, even though I have been seeking in good faith to resolve the matter with the IRS. Currently, Effectur has taken no action with...

Effectur - North Carolina, Greensboro / Received money; did not provide agreed to tax resolution services


I hired Effectur for $6, 000 to an handle IRS debt. Once they were paid in full, all work stopped. I should have looked at www.ComplaintsBoard and before I hired them, as I now see that they contain an encyclopedia of fraudulent-type activity by the company and its sleaze-ball president, Kenneth Johnson, who reportedly got the idea for Effectur after he himself got caught defrauding the IRS by not paying federal withholding taxes (you can see this piece of work at: ) I am seeking the full scope of potential legal, regulatory, media and viral marketing...