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Nov 08, 2012

I purchased 2 ps3 controllers on the 17th October, it is now the 7th of November. I still have not received my order. I even paid $15 bucks for the express mail service. So what good is it to pay for the ems when it still takes almost a month to get an order. I hope with in the next week or so I can get my order, rest assured I will never order from them again. I will discourage everyone else I can not to order from eachgame. The service is not what I expected; however, you get what you pay for. Next time I will just spend the extra money and go to a local store and make my purchase, atleast... / Big mistake in trying them and will not use again

Apr 25, 2012

Waited 35 days for item to arrive, contacted them about item, told to wait a few more days, contacted them again after 40 days, said it will arrive in next 2 days ?, contacted them again on day 45, told to wait again, it is now day 50 since item was sent so they say and blame the air mail service, they is nothing wrong with the air mail, items from, and have arrived with no trouble in 12 to 18 days, they will not resend or refund me my money, they just tell me to keep waiting, first time I have ever used them as I usually use / Stay away and don't fall for it

Apr 10, 2012

My boys really needed new PS3 controllers but with my husband out of work I figured that wasn't going to happen, then I found this site and was amazed at the prices! I got two wireless controllers and even with the shipping they were less than half the reg. price! Well I should have known better! It took weeks to get them and then one didn't work at all and the other has a broken analog stick! I have contacted them and the answer I got was " It was probably damaged in shipping so YOU send it back and we will fix it" ya right ! It will cost me more to ship it back then it's worth and from the other reviews it would just be throwing good money after bad! STAY AWAY and DON'T FALL FOR IT!! / This site is a total gamble

Sep 24, 2011

last March my daughter had a birthday she was given some birthday money one of the things she wanted to spend her money on was the 280 in 1 sd card for her ds lite it took a very long time to pass through customs. Took me forever to figure out that I had an account and that that is where they posted tracking numbers and messages once I figured out that it was customs that was holding up the situation I was calm. When we finnally recieved the game it worked for 3 days then died, meanwhile I had also told a friend about the games and where to buy one he had purchased one at the same time and... / The satisfaction guarantee does not include paying for shipping on returns or getting your money back

Jun 01, 2011

I checked this site out and saw too good to be true prices. It is exactly that!! I ordered because there were several reviews that said they received there merchandise after a lengthy shipping experience but it was as advertised. I was not in a hurry so I ordered. I ordered 2 PS3 wireless controllers. What I received was a 2 wireless PS3 controllers that would not work without being attached to the power cord. One rattled. Just to look at them, you would not see anything different except the Chinese written tamperproof seal. The satisfaction guarantee does not include paying for shipping on...