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EA Sports Complaints & Reviews

EA Sports / Impossible

Aug 7, 2015

I recently bought ufc on my Xbox and I decided to make a career mode. I made my character and did the tutorial. Which takes about 40 minutes! Then I could hardly even remember any of the thousands of the moves. I had put the game on easy mode just to see how difficult it was. In the first minute I had been knocked out and lost now I can't even pass the first fight. Thanks EA for making me waste £25 on an awful and extremely difficult game.

EA Sports - England, Greater Manchester, Manchester / Fifa 13 ultimate team

Jan 16, 2013

I have purchased the game Fifa 13 and have been playing the ultimate team mode. On the ultimate team mode there is an option to purchase points using your own credit card which then allows you to use them to buy gold packs which should include rare good players for your team. The problem I have is that I have spent so much money on these packs and have proof of billing history, however I have never ever got the gold players that are displayed. For instance, my cousin who purchased packs using far less money than me recieved many good players and why is it that no matter how much I spend I...

EA Sports - Florida / NBA live 2010


I have NBA live 2010 made by EA sports. All my friends told me before to buy NBA 2k10 instead because they said it was better but i never belived them, but after playing it a while i understand why they said that. When you play online your team could be playing so well and you think that your gonna when the game. But then out of no where your team will start doing horrible for no reason which dosent make any sense at all. I now offically dont like EA sports games and will never buy there games again.

EA Sports - Wales, Clwyd / false advertising


I would like to file a complaint against EA sports ( fifa 2010 ultimate team ). I have been playing this game now for about 1 month. I have spent over £50 on buying premium gold packs trying to make my team better, it advertises top players with higher ratings which i try to get by buying these packs and i have not had any as yet. As trying to trade seems impossible as these cost hundreds of thousands of coins. I no that your trying to make it fair by making the players rare i.e. rooney, torres, messi... but I think its disgusting how spending over £50 trying to find atleast 1 of...

EA Sports / fifa 10


A number of times while playing fifa 10 in a online match against an opponent, i have been disconnected from the servers, matches that i was winning! The is appalling and i am very disappointed of ea due to the fact that the online is totally unplayable. As soon as PES 2010 comes out i will be trading in fifa for it. I don't pay £40 for a game that doesn't work properly end of!

EA Sports / products


I bought the Wii Active the day it came out. A week later the leg strap was coming apart when I contacted EA sports they informed me without a picture they could not do anything. I explained I couldn't send them a picture. They said they couldn't do anything because how would they know anything was wrong with it. I offered to mail it in and then they send me one. Nope, without a picture they would do nothing and then a manager told without the ticket he didn't know if he could do anything. This practice stinks! They basically called me a liar and talked down to me. The customer service stinks!

EA Sports / My bad experience


I recently purchased Madden 09' from EA (Electronic Arts) I played for a short time when I got a, "Disk Read Error" message on the screen. Shortly after I went to return the game and get another copy. The new copy did the same thing. Call EA, They said it was my hardware. Call Microsoft they said was first generation and was not covered under extended warranty. Went out and blew $460.00 on a new XBOX 360 Elite. Popped in the game and guess what happened? "Disk Read Error". Needless to say I am almost $500.00 out and neither EA nor Microsoft helped me out one bit. After emailing both I have not even received anything more than a form email response.

EA Sports - New Jersey, Wayne / Return Policy


Purchased 2 NBA Live 08 games for kids on 12/21/07. My step kids live in London, Ont. Canada. I live in Indiana, USA They came for x-mas vacation and we gave them these games for x-mas. They took them home and started to play them. They said that they put them in there psp's and played one session and the game lockedup there systems. They called me and told me about this problem. I told them to wait tell springbreak and bring them back to Indiana with them. Well its now 03/14/08 and I called to see what I needed to bring them in to exchange them and the local store told me that I...