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E-CarOne Complaints & Reviews

E-CarOne - Texas / Deceptive and misleading

Mar 29, 2013

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE UNTIL YOU READ MY COMMENTS 5 months ago they sold me a 2010 Lexus assuring me that the car was "perfect" they lead you to think you don't need to have the car's looked at they gave this car a score that was the highest possible. (they have No service center onsite they base their scoring on second hand information) a month later after hitting a bump all the engine lights came on so I took it to Park Place Lexus to have it looked at and was told it had been in a major accident with several thousand dollars worth of damage and that the warranty was not going to...

E-CarOne - Texas, Carrollton / deceptive selling

Feb 08, 2012

I purchased a Mercedes C300 from these guys and they priced it and sold it to me as if it had never been in an accident. However, when I tried to trade it in, information revealed the car had been in a very serious accident. Now the guys at said they’d make it right with me when I confronted them about this situation. Again….be very careful because what they say and what they do….don’t match up. So now I’ve had to get a lawyer to get this costly “mistake” made right. So if you are contemplating doing business with these guys, do extra homework on your own to validate the true condition and value of what they are selling.