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May 28, 2012

I placed an order with this website on behalf of my son, the item he wanted was unavailable elsewhere. Got no notification on the status of my order and a few days later started digging around. I was dismayed to find that Simon Draper of this company has been ripping people off for years and is still in action. I gave him a ring and asked about my order and was told it was due in to him that day. I said how come when it showed it was in stock and it was now no good to me as I had needed the book as a birthday present that weekend. He said he was happy to refund my card but of course, he never... / Scam

Sep 27, 2011

I ordered a difficult to find DVD (Carly Simon at Martha's Vineyard) for my wife, the site advertised it as available at ~£19 plus delivery. I ordered the DVD and paid by visa card, I checked back the next day to check status which had changed to "on order". I've checked back every 2-3 days since and the status is always "on order" I tried emailing the company but got no response, I've tried dozens of times calling the office but always get an answer machine and despite leaving my details, the have never returned my call. It may only be £20 but I've read... / This company is a total nightmare

Aug 03, 2011

Ordered 2 sacds from this company as the price was good, there was no facility to say the items were in stock, ordered them in early june and noticed they took the money straight away, 2 weeks passed no cds, phoned up and spoke to simon one was in stock and the other wasent, at this point i told him to cancel the one that wasent in stock which he said was fine, 2 more weeks pass still havent got the one he said was instock so after phoning again i asked for a refund, 2 more weeks pass no refund and not answering any phone calls or voice mails or emails, luckly i phoned my bank who returned my money, this company is a total nightmare please avoid i wish i had read the complaints on google first.