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Jun 13, 2014 all a could find out about is that people dont trust them now av used about 6or7 times they always sorted me out but they really did take the piss when delivering. but av not used them for 3months now so a have to be honest am not going to chance it any more with av been scam'd this week no more. oow for sure dont order from only order from if you can afford to loose money am not saying you will but you never no guys. anyway am always happy to help . together we can destroy scammers. / Fraudulent company

Mar 14, 2014

I ordered medicine from the website I was disappointed and angry at the same time. I received my package on time, but it was horrible condition. Also some items were lost and when I tried to reach the seller, the rude lady refused to help me. She told me that order was delivered and they didn’t solve any other problems and hung up on me. Really awful services and attitude, not recommended. Let’s share views about this website.