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Drug Rehab Complaints & Reviews

Drug Rehab / Misleading information led to financial loss

May 22, 2016

My son was in a hospital after an over dosage, I was surfing the net for a non bias information about rehab centres. I came across the web site which I thought is a public service with information about rehab centres across Canada I called he number and left a message after few minutes someone called me from there and I told him my story. He asked me literally 3 questions about the substance my son used, his age and for how long where I was not able to answer the last question. He then replied in confidence that he found exactly the right rehab for my son and gave me the...

Drug Rehab - California, Malibu / Extortion attempt

Jul 31, 2013

Orderly attempted to extort $10, 000 from celebrity and wealthy patients to not release photos. Got paid by one executive not to release photo and tell press...crazy.