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Driver Detective Complaints & Reviews

Driver Detective - Arizona, Surprise / Will not load

Mar 5, 2015

Program never worked correctly and missed needed drivers. I cannot load the program and it screws up my internet connection, states it is off line. No contact with company, no e mail, no phone, just garbage steps to follow. Case Number 01435336. No other options were made available. This is clearly a case of fraud and deception, so much for a Micro Soft Partner. How does one obtain answers from a ghost? Nothing less that a refund is mandated.

Driver Detective - Minnesota, New Ulm / Invasion of my Computer

Mar 19, 2012

Your program on the internet suckered me into letting it on my computer for a free check up, and I can't get the damned thing off my machine. I did not have any reason to be unhappy with Driver Detective; but, now I do and will do everything I can to tell everyone that you are a fraudster, crook and a piece of unholy junk, if you don't get that off my machine. What is Microsoft doing, anyhow, letting you use it's symbol on some of your advertising, to get into people's machines and then, like a cockroach, infect the system. Just get your stuff off my machine or tell me how to do it.

Driver Detective - Texas, Austin / Refund problems

Apr 17, 2011

This company embroiled me in a battle for a refund for almost five whole months. I purchased their product "Driver Detective" on-line in December 2010. The software scans your computer for hardware drivers to update. In my case the results of the scan were dismaying. Some of the driver updates offered no clear description of what specific piece of hardware would be updated. Other updates were for newer models of my hardware, meaning my hardware was obsolete, and thereby rendered the update unusable. Still other drivers could be updated only upon executing a "fresh install" of an operating...

Driver Detective - Texas, Temple / Refund

Feb 21, 2011

They say they will refund but make it impossibly difficult. Didn't respond to my email. Have reported to BBB.

Driver Detective - Texas, Austin / Fraud


Made the purchase on line for 39.9 USD, credit card was billed for €47.08 when it should have been €27! The software all but destroyed my computer and the company are absolutely uncontactable. All I get in response to my complaints are automated replies which have no connection with the problem. I am a Brit living in Spain and really shocked that this can happen in a country like America.

Driver Detective - Texas, Austin / No response - No help- being ignored


I subscribed to a Drivers restoration service on June 30, 2010. The sent me a serial number cosisting of 43 numbers and characters. This I think was to identify myself in further communication with them. They were supposed to send me a series of neumbers etc. called a KEY so that I could enter their site. This hasn't been forthcoming and all communication with them has ceased from their end. the price for this service was advertised to be $39.85. My credit card was charged $59.83. They have intially sent back answers requesting information from me and it is obvious that they have lost me in...

Driver Detective / Program stopped working


I purchased a software package called Driver Detective. I only used it a few times because it screwed up my machine the last time I used it but in fairness it may have been my fault in not choosing the correct driver - I don't know. Anyway I came to use it recently and it didn't work and got the error message to say it had expired. This was a full version, not a trial version and it should not have stopped working. I have no intention of paying them any more money. They have been most unhelpful in resolving my complaint. Regards Gerry Rigby

Driver Detective - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Product does not work


On 1/11/10 paid $39.90 through PAYPAL (Chase Bank transfer) to SAFECART for a download of Driver Detective. The product downloaded DID NOT WORK! <br /> Additionally, the cost of the Driver Detective was supposed to be $29.95, but I was charged $39.95!<br /> <br /> PLEASE ADVISE ME ON HOW I CAN RECOVER MY MONEY PAID FOR THIS USELESS PRODUCT.<br /> <br /> John A. Alexander<br /> (225)763.6532<br /> [email protected]

Driver Detective - Maryland, Princess Anne / DOES NOT WORK


this highly valued/capable product doesn't work. Using my 30-day return policy i want my money refunded today. thanks very much for your early refund. allen muir

Driver Detective - Ohio, Lexington / unable to register


invoice # 1019705 unable to launch driver detective. after opening driver detective, no register key was available. istill have 15 out of date drivers, 9 up to date drivers, and 2 system drivers. reason for purchase: my display driver igfx is constantly shutting down my computer. safecart receipt PCDH-UO3O409-20nfd

Driver Detective - Victoria / Useless product


I purchased driver detective after being directed to their site while searching for an XP driver for an old film scanner. Their website led me to believe that if I signed up I would get the driver I needed and at the same time get a current check on all my other drivers. Having paid my money I was told that they did not have what I was looking for. I then ran a check on my drivers and was told that 21 were out of date. I then foolishly started to update my system and found that hardware that worked fine before would not work at all. This is where I began to lose it. After a day of reintsalling all...

Driver Detective - Quebec, Québec / Lies about what it promises


I just bought Driver Detective for my old Dell Dimension 8200 in order to improve the 64MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX rendering on a ACL flat panel display. The software pretends to find all my out of date drivers and to have the correct solution for each. I bought it after such an assertion the tool was saying. Once bought, it installed the 128MB NVIDIA GeForce2 instead, which triggered rapidly a Windows XP warning saying this driver was not passing the Window Logo. I went ahead, staying confident in the Driver Detective software. And the display went ashtray as Windows XP said!!! I had to go in safe...

Driver Detective / Fraud and cheating


After purchase and download, my computer died, coincidence I guess. Their policy states you can get your refund if not satisfied within 8 weeks. I have contacted them twice, no refund, no response addressing the refund. Integrity, none yet.