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dreamworks vacation Complaints & Reviews

dreamworks vacation - New Jersey, Belle Mead / CON ARTISTS


Dreamworks Vacation is a TOTAL SCAM. They offer two free airline tickets to listen to a 90-minute presentation about their vacation club membership. They are great con artists. The deal is enticing (but the actual product is NO GOOD!). They take a lot of your money and give you NOTHING in return. Certainly, do not expect ANY customer service. I did not get my free tickets (which are issued from a separate company called VIP Travel Reservations Inc in Florida. They are involved in the scam!) and Better Business Bureau does not scare either of these con artists. Dreamworks Vacations just pick up and...

dreamworks vacation - New Jersey, Sewell / unfulfilled promises


My in-laws fell for this scam, and have given a little more than $2, 000 they have yet to see anything in return from this company. After hearing about the run around they were getting from this company I decided to do some research about this company for them and found that not only was this company dropped by the BBB but there were other victims of this scam. I informed my in-laws about what I have found out about this company. Now I am worried that they will not get there money back. I would like to help them go threw the proper channels but I am not sure what they are? I was wondering if...