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Dr. Maxman Complaints & Reviews

Dr. Maxman / Unwanted emails

Nov 8, 2014

I have been receiving unwanted emails from Dr. Maxman. I never subscribed or signed up for anything like this. How can I stop them? They have no unsubscribe on any pages and they do not respond to my emails send on their contact addy. This is greatly affecting my work and it doesnt help me having spam filters and they being sent to my junk mail because I cannot just delete my Junk mail. I have to delete one at a time due to sometimes The Wanted emails for our business goes in junk if it doenst know the clients addy.

Dr. Maxman - Florida, Miami / THIS PILLS DOESN'T WORKS..


Hi The problem with this company ias that they are laying abouth the pillls for man enlargement is just bla, bla they don't do anything to you, and also they said they will send you a bottle for the cost of shipping and a week later they charge you for the all bottle. I call them and they tall me that i was suppost to call them to cancelled the 14 days trial is start from the day you order it and they ship a week later so they only give in 7 days by the time you want to cancel is 21 days already.I you are reading this note lisen to me DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY THIS PRODUCT IS GARBAGE PACK IN A BOTTLE.