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Dr. Marco Cavalini Complaints & Reviews

Dr. Marco Cavalini / Implant and crown installation

Oct 23, 2015

March, 2015 Had 5 implants and 8 crowns installed by this doctor ($8, 000). Upon return home I wrote him saying the crowns seemed to overlapped the gum area, and I questioned if this would correct itself. He told me not to worry. Now, 6 months later, he informs me the procedure they used was called a "ridge lap", which is not even recommended in the USA because of the difficulty in keeping the implants clean. I have acquired opinions from 3 highly respected prosthodontists and now incur $27, 500 expense to CORRECT Dr. Marco's work. I thought I was saving money by going to Costa Rica, but I am...

Dr. Marco Cavalini / malpractice

May 31, 2011

We report and warn anybody, who is looking for dental service at Dr. Marco Cavallini in San Jose/Costa Rica. They use bad quality of implants and even the work they have done, is not acceptable.Wrong implanted posts and broken Implants (3) of my husband.Be waste and of course lots of pain in AFTERMATH OF SURGERY with a qualified surgeon