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DR Dot International Massage Team Complaints & Reviews

DR Dot International Massage Team / Unprofessional to clients and malicious to employees

Nov 28, 2015

Hired in 2012 and quit in 2013 due to her condescending, vindictive ways. She is a pathological liar and if you stop working for her, she will try to destroy you by posting negative reviews and by slandering you in the industry. Under aliases, she posts comments that are outrageous and dangerous to myself and staff. For example, she claims her husband came in for a massage and WE solicited him for a manual hand release, aka a hand job. She also screwed me out of money when I spent over two hours on a call that stood me up after spending gas and toll money along with $500 of my time. She AND...

DR Dot International Massage Team / DR Dot

Nov 11, 2013

This woman is out of her mind and something needs to be done about her quickly how she has managed this long without someone going after her is crazy. I worked one job for her and will never work another. My email was hacked and anyone who had ever sent me an email whether they were in my address book or not was sent spam. I was at work when she started blowing up my phone about it. I ignored the cal leave a message I am working!!! No she couldn't do that. She continued to call for 2 hours straight. Then the text messages started. When I finally got off work I looked at and listened to...