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dotcommags Complaints & Reviews

dotcommags / This company is a total rip-off

Dec 6, 2011

I ordered a total of 3 subscriptions, 2 as gifts, and one for myself for Traditional Home magazine. It has been 5 months and none of us have received a single magazine. Dotcoms website has disappeared, emails come back, etc. I am angry! Just filled out a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and would urge all of you to do the same.

dotcommags / Rebuttal


Actually, magazines ordered through a third party such as DOTCOMMAGS take 6-16 weeks to be processed/delivered and it is no secret. They state it in their confirmation emails (if you choose to receive one and who wouldn't since it serves as a receipt) and it it written in black & white on the website in the 'about us' section. I am sure most people look at delivery information BEFORE placing an order for anything online and especially before posting a complaint.

dotcommags / ripoff


ordered 2 magazines through them. they had to refund my money on one magazine because I found it cheaper on my own. Have already heard from the magazine I subscribed to on my own. The one I did through dotcommags (exactly the same date) has never even heard of me even though dotcommags already charged my credit card. It has been almost 2 months. Customer service with dotcommags is no help and has an obviously bad attitude.

dotcommags - North Carolina / paid,but never received mags?


I paid using my debit card for a year subscription to readers digest, but I received only an application to subscribe to that magazine. (which was going to cost about $10.00) How do I get my money back?