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Donut Palace Complaints & Reviews

Donut Palace - Tennessee, Lebanon / donuts

Jul 07, 2018

I have been to the donut palace several times and evertime I ask for glazed donuts I get chocolate now they are the same price but sometime glazed donuts are the best I have had a seizure with in the store before because I am hypoglycemic so I don't know if that is what caused the problem or if its because they just don't want me to have any glazed donuts

Donut Palace / Overcharged and wouldnt refund

Jun 19, 2011

We had went to Donut Palace as we normally do. Our total came out right but they had given me the wrong credit card back, no big deal, so i thought. I was looking on my online bank statement later that day and they had charged me not only twice for my order but for someone Else's as well!!!I called and they said they would make it right but when i went in to get refunded they said they had not done anything wrong! I even showed the lady on her receipts where she had used my credit card for someone else's order she couldn't even admit her mistake. The total charges that i had to pay was close to $40 with only $10 of that being what i actually got!