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May 28, 2014

Very very bad hosting company I have long used hosting services. The experience with dollar2host has been horrible. Support service they provide is very bad and they take up 2 to 3 weeks to resolve a simply problem that should be high priority for any hosting service, like have your site up and running. For them, the fact that your business is down by two weeks, by a mistake of them means nothing. Every year they take my website down for 2 to 3 weeks even that I paid on time. We have faced server hard-drive failure and server is in restoration process due to hardware failure now. We have... / I won't recommend this cr*p hosting at all

Sep 05, 2011

Since the first day i got my hosting plan it have been a pain in the ###, server always crashing or going under maintenance without letting you know about it. You can start your day turn on your PC and no website for hours! You try to contact support and they only say sorry server RAM issue it wont take too long...5 hours later server STILL DOWN!!! Get with support again and they tell you that they are restoring server hard disks. I didnt know thet you need to mess with the servers hard disk when changinf RAM cards thats BS. I WONT RECOMMEND THIS PIECE OF CRAP HOSTING AT ALL!!!