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Doctors office Complaints & Reviews

Doctors office - Ontario, hamilton ontario / pain patient


my doctor put me on medication for my pain.she said she wanted to monitor the medicatiomn because it was a narcotic.when i called like she told me to do to get a refill on my script.her recepionist told me she wanted me to see a pain specialist she would not refill my script.i do mnot believe she asked the doctor to refill this script i am in alot of pain and was just granted disability for this.i made another appt. to see my doctor she made it for 2 weeks later when i get there she semnds me away amnd says come back in an hour and a half.i do then i sit for an hour and still do not get called...

Doctors office - Vermont / Dr Jeffery Potash


First off I will state that I have a history of drug abuse.I have been clean and sober for four years.I have not been treated well by many health professionals because of my history.I have had bleeding from my digestive tract for some time now and finally had became so emaciated from trying to just deal with it and my husband has had enough of seeing me suffer.That I had to call a doctor.I was called the office and was seen by a nurse. She seemed nice.Then here comes Doctor Potash who asked how I was doing I told him I was scared-and he asked why are you doing something wrong? I said no and...