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Dj Jim Carson Complaints & Reviews

Dj Jim Carson / one of the most professional djs I have worked with in the scene

Mar 01, 2019

DJ Jim Carson is one of the most professional DJs I have encountered in the club world. There is no way that Jim Carson could have residencies for decades at nightclubs without being a consumate professional and hardworking DJ. The other review on this site is obviously fake and false as DJs don't DJ with iPods and most DJs don't bring their own equipment to events. Jim Carson is a club DJ and not a mobile DJ so having an experience of him bringing equipment to a gig would be extremely rare. If there was a broken turntable there would never be a gig in the first place as that is not...

Dj Jim Carson - California, San Francisco LA ORANGE COUN / HORRIBLE DJ, WASTE OF TIME

Aug 25, 2011

DJ Jim Carson shows up to an event we threw with a broke turn table, stoned out of his mind barely functioning. He wanted to use his i-pod to play some prerecorded mix (another DJ), he got a total of 25 minutes before we cut him short, the music wasn't even what we anticipated, way overrated. Who is this guy, who shows up with scratched records and pretends to spin when he is just playing pre-recorded music. What a tool!!! This guy is so cocky about his music, when we asked him about what was going on he mumbled something about he had the right to play whatever as stated in our agreement...