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Jun 08, 2012

I placed an order worth £60 with this company for a product that advertised was available. They promptly took the £60 from my account and then emailed me to say that the product was no longer for sale. When I checked my bank statement a week later it showed that had taken the money from my account and not refunded... it. When I rang up to ask as to why this had happened the staff were dismissive and blase. They said they only process a refund if you request it. Utterly disgraceful company. / Really disappointing treatment from this company

Sep 22, 2011

Really disappointing treatment from this company. I would stay well away. They have made it virtually impossible to return an item which was cancelled before it was even posted and have sent numerous patronising and condescending emails as a consequence. My legal advisor has advised me to report them to the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards for unfair and totally unorthodox methods of conducting business. I absolutely will be doing this. Watch out anyone considering buying from them!!