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Mar 21, 2012

Everything that the previous reviewers said is 100% true. Customer service is poor, so don't ever expect your calls or email to be returned. You just have to keep calling them until you're lucky enough for somebody to pick up. I had filed for a trademark application and Direct Legal filled in the incorrect class for my application. I spoke with Lorne (who is supposedly the owner of Direct Legal) and he said he was going to look into it. Weeks went by and nobody got back to me on the status of fixing the incorrect information. I then proceeded to email and call them and still no response... / Stay away from these scam websites

Jun 13, 2011 is a company started by the same owner (Lorne Eisenstat) who scammed people with When these scam sites become too well known by name, the con man changes the it is (Search "" to read about all the scams). The scam is a good one: you pay them hundreds of dollars to copyright something for you, they send an application to the U.S. Copyright office (if you are lucky) and then you find out from the U.S. Copyright office that the application is incomplete (they never submitted your work). It is a while later with all the...