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Direct Medical Network Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Direct Medical Network Solutions - Texas, Southlake / This company is very evasive and dishonest

Mar 3, 2011

Do not give this company your money! They are huge liars. They make you believe that you are getting a great deal on insurance and charge you a $135 enrollment fee. Then they charge you a fairly expensive monthly fee (but less than other insurance companies charge). They were charging me $180 per month because I wanted to have maternity coverage. Since I did not go to the doctor very much, I barely used it. I had a $500 "deductible" per year, so I didn't think I was meeting the deductible when I went for a physical once a year. One day, I had back flank pain, so I went to the doctor, and...

Direct Medical Network Solutions / Scam and lies


Was contacted by Direct Medical network solutions or US Health Benefits Group. They have 2 different names. Wanted me to sign up with 3-5 days to cancel. I canceled the second day and they would not give me my full refund back on my credit card. Michael Parker is supposedly some sort of supervisor at this company but the way his skills are at talking to customers needs to be looked at. I am a fire and rescue chief and own my own business on the side. After I tell all my customers and fire and rescue personnel about this we will make sure it's well known in our community. I am also on the...

Direct Medical Network Solutions / Rip off


This company told me after I signed up that I could cancel in 3-5 days. I canceled the second day. Would not refund my money. I was told that they had providers in my area. After I signed up and paid, I found out the closest provider was in the next state!! When I called to cancel, they asked why. I told them about the providers being a state away and they had nothing to say. Do not recommend this company to anyone! Michael Parker is a customer service supervisor. He's the last person I talked to and he was totally rude!