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Direct Med Complaints & Reviews

Direct Med - Texas, Irving / Fraud/Scam


I called and enrolled in this so called insurance. They DirectMed told me that it was health insurance that I was purchasing. After recieving temporary cards it clearly states on the card that "THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. I called my bank institution and they said because I used a credit card that I would have to file a dispute. This was only an hour after signing. I called the main number and t told them they mislead me and I wanted to cancel right away. I told them I called my bank and the payment was pending and not to put that order through. They told me that They were going to pend my...

Direct Med - Texas, Irving / Fraudulent Health Insurance


This is a sham. Do not fall for this. You will not see or hear of the network of providers until after you sign up and pay a $135 enrollment fee, which is non-refundable. No reputable insurance company operates this way. Secondly, they will lead you into believing that it's a discount program that is honored by all doctors, hospitals and pharmacies similiar to a PPO program. It is not. Once I enrolled, I immediately got an email saying that "THIS IS NOTBASIC HEALTH INSURANCE. THIS OFFER INCLUDES DISCOUNTS AND/OR SERVICES PLUS ADDED LIMITED BENEFIT INDEMNITY INSURANCE. NONE OF THESE...

Direct Med - Texas, irving texas75603 / usless discount insurance


they tell you that they are a discount insurance and when you try to use this so call discount program, not even the dr's on thier own list will take this so call discount fa even with this so called program i had been out of my own pocket ( with in my trial period) over $1, 000. it is a crying shame when thier own dr's on thier own providers list will not take thier discount program. i am reporting to the better business, plus i am taking it a step forward. legal justics is the key factor here. if i was any of you i advise you to do the same. it is hard to get medical...

Direct Med / leads you to believe they are insurance


I am about to graduate from college and desperate for health insurance and a job and was browsing online for insurance options. I received a call within 10 minutes after entering my info with US Health Benefits Group who says they are associated with eHealthInsurance, which is a reputable company so I took the call. The agent told me I was buying a discount and I quote "insured benefit plan". He said I would be covered for primary care physicians, specialists, and prescriptions for copays of $20, that it was the same as a PPO plan, and that I would get this all for $124. a month plus a $135...