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Direct Benefits Group Complaints & Reviews

Direct Benefits Group / Unauthorized debit to my checking account

Dec 20, 2011

I was checking my checking account and noticed that a check was printed and processed for $49.90. I did not authorize this account and processing. When I call to cancel this service and get a refund I was treated nicely and told I would receive my refund by November 4, 2010 to my house. I did not anticipate this being taken out of my account and did not have the funds to pay the check. I was charged an overdraft charge and this will not be refunded.

Direct Benefits Group / Nothing, but a scam

Dec 19, 2011

I called on October 4th 2010 in reference to an ACH Check Debit from my account from this dumd company. The male I sopke to said that they will issue me a refund. Today is October 19th 2010, I called to check on my refund and the male I spoke to told me that the ACH debit was declined, however on my bank statement it shows an ACH (FAKE) check debit for 49.90. He then told me to fax my bank statement so that he can verify the charge...I have nothing else to say but that I want my money. NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!!

Direct Benefits Group / This business should not gather personal info and bank info from somewhere online that we do business with

Dec 15, 2011

I applied for loan service thru an online business(Bank of Delaware) After receiving this service, my bank account was debited 2 different times for unknown reason and amount... When I inquired thru the business I had actually gone through, I was told that the debits were actually done by Direct Benefits Group which is not part of Bank of Delaware. They explained that a pop-up probably appeared on the screen which I may have checked!!! This is rediculous, for another organization to be able to tap into our personal information and bank account!!! I have called and cancelled the benefit -...

Direct Benefits Group / I think everyone needs to go to BBB and have them stopped

Dec 10, 2011

I'm another one that's a victim of this scam. They took out of my account 49.90 and then I get an overdraft charge of 30.00. The guy that I had talked to told me that I will be refunded on Oct. 3rd yea right I know better than that. People like this is sorry, and Michelle Ferguson is behind al this. I don't even know who this company is and way do they think they can just do what they want if everyone gets together on this they really can get in some deep... They need to stop before they really have trouble on there hands. I think everyone needs to go to BBB and have them stopped.

Direct Benefits Group / I am very disturbed that my bank acct has a -262. balance now because of them

Dec 06, 2011

I called the 800 number and i keep getting a recording to cancel my acct and that I would get coupons in the mail for free and a full refund. Never spoke to anybody and it just keeps hanging up on me! This needs to be dealt with ASAP! I am very disturbed that my bank acct has a -262. balance now because of them. How much more money are they going to try and take out. Now I am responsible for the 35 overdraft fees taken out 3x. This is very aggravating!!!

Direct Benefits Group / I was a victim of a scam by Direct Benefits

Nov 28, 2011

I was a victim of a scam by Direct Benefits Group located in Cheyenne, WY [protected]. The manager of the company's name is Michelle Ferguson. I went on a payday site to locate information about a loan and in a little fine print at the bottom of the page some where to completely confuse the consumer this company wanted to take $49.90 out of your checking or savings account which happened to me. This happened on 7/21/2010 and I did not relaize this for a few days. I have called the customer service desk [protected] multiple times to expain that I was not interested in there service and to...