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I ordered 3 pieces of clothing to be shipped to my girlfriend. They never arrived via UPS. UPS says that the shipper is responsible for a claim and tracking so I contacted to let them know that the shipment didn't arrive. That was two weeks ago. The items were paid for and the money drawn from the account but Dimout has not provided any assistance to locate or reship the items. They have said they put a tracer on it but UPS said they didn't. They said they would reship last week but they haven't provided a tracking number and nothing has been received. No money... - Florida, 34221 Palmetto / Dimout fraud


I ordered clothes and stockings from them in May, my credit card was charged immediately, but then nothing happened. After a week I contacted them and asked what was happening, and they said they had a back-order on one of the items so the shipment had been delayed. After another week I contacted them once more, and they promised to send the stuff immediately. Nothing happened. Since then I have tried contacting them several times, but they always just tell me that they are sorry and it's going to be fixed right away. Sure... If anybody else has had problems with them, we should try filing a police report to get them out of business. Feel free to email me.