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Dillon's Complaints & Reviews

Dillon's - Kansas, Wichita / manager on duty

Jul 05, 2018

On July 5th, 2018 around 7:30pm my Husband & daughter went to this Dillons with a Emotional Support Animal. The animal in wuestion is a snake and is registered. Your manager proceeded to tell my husband he was a liar and that the snake cannot be registered. The snake is not a service animal but an Emotional Support Animal to help my husband's anxiety especially in public places. Your manager was rude, uninformed and hateful. This was under alled for as well as threatening him with the police. Asking for proof of registration is illegal. Very different in this stores manager. I have been going there for years and find his actions reprehensible.

Dillon's - Kansas, Salina / Rude Employees

Jun 17, 2012

Thinking we would grab quick dinner in the chinese kitchen before we shopped we apparently arrived too close to close up? The girl behind the counter (heavy set black hair) no eye contact no greeting slapping those containers of food over to the one side towards where one sits to "enjoy" their food. They were still open i guess but with half the food and all the attitude. Manners (not to mention employment as a clerk at dillon's and getting paid to do so) would require an "i'm sorry we are condensing down or even can i help you on this side or anything besides total ignore...