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Digital Complaints & Reviews

Digital - New Jersey / Warranty for monitor Audio Speakers


I pirchased four new Monitor Audio speakers for $3200. supposed to be factory sealed. They removed my warranty and told me that they have registered with the manufacturer as a service. I found later that they did not. I asked for my warranty and now tell me that I do not get the manufacturer's warranty. It is through them. I need to send the speakers to Digital for repair. They were very rude. I told them that I will dispute with the credit card company. He threatened me that he will call police and file criminal case against me for felony. I will never shop and advice others not to shop.

Digital / Call the up by mistake they will break your face, so they say


I just did a Google on Digital Craze local telephone number and got hits for Nam Kim Park PC Architects. Called them up to clear up the reason why the number shows up on Google as Nam Kim Park PC Architects. When my call was answered, I asked about PC Architects they responded you got the wrong f***ing number and hanged up. Not being able to verify the number or mention about the Google hits, I called again in hope to get to speak to a friendlier person. Instead I got met with a stop calling or I will break your face, and again hanged up on. I was looking for a Pioneer $1900 system, but not from this company. Hope this people are not trading on eBay. I would not shop here again

Digital / Worst Online Buying Experience That I've Ever Had


Full review I placed an order online for a pair of speakers they currently advertise and was emailed back by Ed Brodsky stating they would have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer and that it would take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive at my residence. Within two days of placing the order Digital Craze charged my credit card, but did not furnish me with a tracking number or any information about the shipper. After four weeks had passed without any response I finally emailed them to inquire about the order status. I did not get an email reply, not immediate or later. I then called to...

Digital - New Jersey, Woodbridge / Do not buy from Digital forewarned


Beware this seller... Yes, I am a whistle blower. Worked closely with them as a vendor. Well, we no longer associate with them. Digital is a fraudulent .COM. We were concerned with bad complaints that actually ended up on our desk. Digital Craze said they would handle things better. They are plagued with complaints by the BBB and state and locals as well as numerous credit card complaints. And yes they did try as a response to us. But, they just flooded with false/imposter reviews to bolster their image rather than improving their service. But they are frauds..thats how...

Digital - New Jersey, Woodbridge / Too Bad, they stole my money


I called in to purchase a home theater speaker system. The purchase wasn't an ordinary everyday purchase because of it's real high value. I intended on spending no more than $2000.00 for an in wall speaker system and opted to upgrade my speaker system by going with a higher priced version of the Definitive Technology speakers. I needed everything to arrive by a certain date (14 days) from the day I called in my order. Hesitating to pull the trigger (because, obviously you never know who is on the other end of the phone/computer) I went against my hesitation ONLY because not only did...