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diect tv / I was just told today that I owe you money?

Jan 12, 2015

I had Direct TV services back in 2008 cancelled my services when I moved/sold house. Have not had any services under my name since then and when I called today to ask a question about services I was told that I have an outstanding balance of 24.46 for services in 2011 and I am disputing this amount because first of all I never received a notice or a bill. Secondly, I did not have services with Direct TV in 201. Again, I have not had services with direct tv since 2008.Therefore this is NOT my bill. I would really appreciate it if you remove this balance from my name. Thank you

diect tv / service ripoff protection plan

Oct 19, 2012

Direct Tv replace a DVR with a not working card request few time to fix and they need my out of country brother to make a international call to auth. Or add my name to the account to set up an appointment to fix it then why they don't need my brother when I told them the DVR was broken at the first time? The service is just the same as the billing and the service location why they need him to call in????? Plus super bad service ???