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Diamond Ring Complaints & Reviews

Diamond Ring / diamond removed from ring


I purchased a diamond ring from malabar gold [invoice no 278 dated 09/02/2009 from hyderabad branch] now because of faulty fixing diamond was lost. i went to their bangalore branch and demanded refixing, but their responce was not positive. i also send a complaint to thier chairman at his e mail id [email protected] no use. its very bad company, with bad practices.

Diamond Ring / Don't buy from them


I ordered an "in stock" ring from Gordons jewelers online with "three day express" delivery for a special occasion gift on February 18. Gordons promises an email notification when the ring was to be sent. After two weeks I finally called the Gordons Customer service line, should be renamed Non service as the operator could not tell me why or where my order was, even with my order number. I called two more times in the next week as the gift I intended it for, was now past. I was finally fed up and canceled my order. Low and behold the idiots sent it one week after I canceled my order. I refused...

Diamond Ring - Colorado, Glenwood Springs / cleaning broke prongs


I went to Zales in Glenwood Springs, co for a Diamond cleaning I asked the girl to please check prongs before cleaning. She came back out with my Diamond in her hand. Well, she says you had 2 loose prongs and the diamond fell out during the brushing. She went to the counter and came back with a price of $150.00 the price to replace 6 prongs because now of course I have to replace all 6. This is a $1800.00 Diamond not including the setting bought 17 years ago. Its flawless... I have done business In Denver never up here on the western slope now I know why. I remember the jeweler who sold me the...