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Dex Online Complaints & Reviews

Dex Online - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Scam and cheating


My business had a contract with Dex Media for one year for which we paid through our Qwest phone bill. I received a phone call asking about renewing and told them I must speak to my husband/partner. They then called back and we told them NO, we do not want any more advertising with them, just the free, basic listing. When I received my current phone bill, there is a charge for Dex Media Online for twice the cost as last year. I phoned them immediately and told them I had spoken to rep. and did not want any more advertising. They denied I had spoken to them the second time about denying future ad...

Dex Online - Colorado, Aurora / Be careful before signing up for a Quest Dex Phone book add


Be careful before signing up for a Quest Dex Phone book add, they will try to trick you into signing up for a lifetime agreement which is difficult to get out of. As owner of AAA Computer Repair, I am reporting that Quest Dex used trickery to enter our company into a lifetime agreement of charges. A Quest Dex Representative, Wallace, called us and talked us into having a phone book add in the Dex phone book. He came to our location and signed us up in a package deal for advertising in the 2008 Quest Dex phone book, claiming that we would get a lot better deal with the package, which included...