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Aug 18, 2018

This site is a joke. The admin staff goes in and out of expert profiles and accused me of contact and money exchange outside the site. This did not happened so I denied their accusations. I even told them I was happy to provide personal information to prove that I was not in the wrong. There is no trouble shooting with these people. They want to blame the customer with no actual evidence which they used as proof. I want to make sure no one uses this website ever. / Plagiarism

Mar 25, 2014

These people stole my Internet name Heavenly archangel and writing at the top of the page. Also stole my name healing hearts. The first name on the site changes all the time which is really weird. They also ask for your email address. Understanding they never asked for my permission. I do feel they steal other people's pictures and information to make it look like they are a legit company. I have no affiliation with this site, nor ever been on it. Really feel this is incredible and do not like it associated with my name. / They are not legit in my opinion

Jun 13, 2012 is a sham. I hired multiple experts and they all speak the same using words like "dear" and change phrases like "i am seeing...", "i am feeling...", "i am sensing..." I asked one psychic whom I hired twice and he was able to pull up our previous conversation and I have a feeling anyone can. Then they just regurgitate the same thing. I recently had an issue in which the session went longer than the money I had in the bank putting me in a negative balance. I tried to contact them thru their email and no one ever responded. I got paypal involved and then they were quick to respond...