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I'm in the process of trying to return a purported Prada bag that did not work out. In conjunction with the return I have requested an exchange. I know, I know, sounds ridiculous given what I learned AFTER I made the purchase (should have researched first). Two things going on here: one related to the authenticity of the bags which, based on the majority of reports filed here appears dubious and, the other related to their customer service, (i.e., can you get your money back - less the "restocking fee"), responsiveness, accountability, etc. I will provide updates as I continue my effort...

designer outlet boutique - California, LA / fakers


Do NOT buy anything from this site.They are LIARS. All of the bags they stock and sell are fakes. They advertise as the bags as "100% authentic or your money back" and this is how they scam you!!! I bought a FENDI bag from them, it arrived yesterday, and despite several e-mails from one of the site's staff, telling me I would love the bag and that the bag was of guaranteed authenticity, the bag is FAKE! Fendi never made it in the colours I have bought one in!!it is so FAKE!! I could never use it!! If I send it back I will have to pay shipping back to them and they carge silly restocking...