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Derrick Dodge Complaints & Reviews

Derrick Dodge / Wasted time

Apr 05, 2014

My brother and I had bought a truck through our company. My brother had been the one dealing on the truck and got everything in order. I then had a day off work, and thought I would make the trip up to Edmonton to pick up the truck. I called ahead and explained my situation, that I was not the one dealing on the truck but would be the one coming to pick it up. I spoke to the sales manager, who passed me through to finance to see if it would be sufficient. She said all I would need to do is bring a void cheque and we could make it work. I notified them I would be passing through the city in 4...

Derrick Dodge - Alberta, Edmonton / truck service

Sep 16, 2013

Problematic Service / Scamming out money / Refusal to Hinor Warranty. Bought a used truck in 2011 a 2009 Dodge Dakota v8-4.7, I love the medium size truck it is a perfect truck for my needs, I have another year of Drivetrain warranty or a complete 100, 000 kim, I have approximately 99, 750 km on the odometer, with warranty ending at 100, 000.. I brought my truck for service this morning as I noticed when I did my regular oil change by myself that there was a small leak around transmission pan, I can confirm with a friend of mine that the leak was not coming from the transmission pan at all but...