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Dermaythelp Complaints & Reviews

Dermaythelp / withdraw money without authorisation

Dec 20, 2018

Hi, This company has taken money from my account and I have no idea who they are or why. 20/12/18 Pos authorisation online gb card used 4005. -$136.01 Can you please advise if further action that can be taken as I have not authorised any payments to this company and believe that it is fraudulent activity that has occurred. [protected] Kind thanks Vanessa

Dermaythelp / garcinia total diet

Dec 06, 2017

10.06.2017 $105.76 aud 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.9545 09.07.2017 $139.07 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7259 16.08.2017 $139.71 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7226 14.09.2017 $139.84 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7219 13.10.2017 $142.85 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7067 11.11.2017 $146.12 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.6909 The above are dates and cost of garcina withdrawn from my bank account. I purchased garcina on the 10.06.2017 on a trial basis only. I do not wish to participate in purchasing more garcina total diet as you can see I have enough and wish for the company to stop...

Dermaythelp / do not know

Oct 16, 2017

I have had two withdrawals taken out of my bank account, one on the 29th September 2017 for $131 and the second one on the 14th October 2017 for $135.95. Did not approve of any money to be taken out of my bank account. I want both amounts to be refunded straightaway. What was I supposed to be buying anyway. I have told my bank that nothing more is to be taken out by you. So please refund the money as I have not received aanything. Kerri King.