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Denver Mattress Complaints & Reviews

Denver Mattress / Theft during delivery

Feb 21, 2015

On November 9th I received a delivery for an adjustable ComforPedic iQTM from Denver Mattress in Florence, KY. During the delivery the third party company that was hired by Denver Mattress to make the delivery stole my wedding band and engagement ring off of my dresser. Once I realized I had left it there (in minutes) it was gone, of course normally I would never leave such valuable items laying around I was recovering from a surgery and was unable to fit the rings on my fingers at the time. Once I realized the rings were not where I left them on my dresser we confronted the delivery men and...

Denver Mattress - Colorado, Aurora / Not fulfilling their warrenty


I bought a mattress and box spring set from the Denver Mattress company at Parker road just over two years ago. The mattress is already sagging so bad that I have taken pictures of the sag and taken it to the store, according to their warranty the sag had to be 1.5 inches. The sag I showed the manager was in some places close to 2 inches, however, he stated since I measured from the seam and not the pillow top my claim was invalid. No where in their warranty is this stipulation stated, and the fact that such a small amount of difference would be his reason for denying the claim is absolutely...

Denver Mattress - Kansas, Wichita / Warranty


I bought a mattress from this company four years ago with the warranty they offered. My back and my girlfriends back have been aching for several months now. We realized there was a dip in our mattress. With it being warrantied for 15 years, we didn't think it would be such a big deal. Today, I took the mattress up to the retail store and the manager verbally assualted me. He told me I " should be ###ing ashamed of myself " because the mattress was "disgusting, and looked horrible". I should be ashamed of myself for not using a mattress cover, which they never even suggested. There were...

Denver Mattress / Junk products


They sell junk. Tell you everything is guaranteed, and both the mattress and sofa were caving in within weeks. They won't replace the cushions on the sofa, and they won't replace the mattress. Never again... they sell nothing but junk. I have had them come out and look at the sofa. They said nothing they can do.. it is supposed to be that way, and I don't know how to sit on it. Mattress has had the $2.00 box springs replaced, and didn't sleep on it a month and they were bad again... Stay away!! There should be some type of recourse... isn't this fraud?