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Dentist Complaints & Reviews

Dentist - New Jersey, Hamburg / Payment

Feb 21, 2013

I have very good dental insurance, which Dr. Tobin would not accept because it was my first visit. I paid $125 up front. I was told that the office would submit my claim, and it would be mailed to them first. Eventually, a check would be written out and sent to me. In about 2 months, I received a check for $25 (after calling numerous times) from Dr. Tobin. There was no paperwork attached, so I have no idea how this figure was arrived at. I called his office many times to request a written explanation and got nowhere. Even my insurance company told me to get this info from him. What are they hiding here?

Dentist - California, National City / I didnt get helped

Aug 30, 2012

I called before taking my son in, he chipped one of his teeth. So they told me to just come in, they finally see me and take an xray of it and tell me no nerve was damaged. Then after I wait for almost an hour the dentist finally comes and just opens his mouth and tells me nothing can be done. Now you have to understand that the tooth is sharp and cutting the inside of his mouth, he complains about it. So then I ask her " cant shave it down to stop it from cutting his lips" she says " no you have to make an appointment with a specialist" are you kidding me then why couldn't you tell me...

Dentist - Illinois, Chicago / Extra and unnecessary billing/ corruption/ Stealing people's money.

Jul 3, 2012

Extra and unnecessary billing/ corruption/ Stealing people's money. I scheduled an appointment 10 days in advance. However, Dr. Langowski charged me for emergency. I asked why it is emergency because when I made the appointment, they said that they have opening at this time. I told them that my tooth did not hurt for emergency. However, they said that they did arrangements, and they do this to's not only me. I was charged $85 dollars just to go there without even any feeling to be done on the tooth. They only took one X-ray n peeled the tooth. Basically, what they were...

Dentist / permanent dental implant

Mar 31, 2011

dentist first suggest to go for permanent dental implants and after taking money he stops placing the implants saying that the inside portion of jaw bone cannot support dental implant. n refusses to return back the money as we have not underwent any placing of implants. he did only extraction and drilling to place implant. later he comes to know abt the jaw bone condition. cant it be viewed in x-ray . as this a costly procedure he should not go ahead with all such things. this is what my view. he is wrong in his part and we are now in loss. can any one buy the implants from him as the same are lying with him. if anyone buys the implants from i can claim for my money. pls suggest.

Dentist - Illinois, Chicago / scam billing/ rip off, Unfair fees, horrible service, do not go here


Unprofessional dentist. Dr. Susan Psikos is located 3334 North Central Avenue, Chicago. She suggested that I need crowns on 3 teeth, and she said that I don’t have any cavities. However, another dentist has told me last year that tooth 5 has one, and I have a pain on another tooth. One of the teeth that Dr. Psikos said needs a crown has never had a root canal. This means that I don’t need a crown on it. They said that they will charge me again for procedures that they have completed last year; they have already overcharged me for these procedures last year, more than it is stated...

Dentist - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / scam/rip off


I went to see this Dentist ONE TIME and she charged my credit card almost 13, 000 dollars in treatments!!! BEFORE I had even sat in her chair for the dental procedures!!! I called, and they credited all of this back, except for 1500$ for MOLDS!!! I don't even have the molds in my possession!!! This dentist is a rip off, and a quick sell artist!!! Please do not go to this dentist!!! Her name is DR.SUSAN PETRUSKA DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Dentist / fraudulent late fees applied to statements


Netbank/leaf funding is a rip off. Lies about interest rate, now that the term of the "equipment lease" is coming to end they are applying bogus late fees for payments that are coming in late, when no payment has ever been late and according to my on line banking rep, those payments have been delivered on time.