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Dentiq Dentistry Complaints & Reviews

Dentiq Dentistry / Poor job, unprofessional managment

Jun 13, 2015

I had veneers done at dentiq, one had to be redone in 1 year (for free), another one in 5 years (for $$). Also, they add extra service for each teeth cleaning that cost extra 20$ and don't ask you if you want it or not but bill you afterwards. Another problem, I ask them to estimate the filling work before hand and they miss estimate it each time (trying to convince me to do the work with them?) facing me with an extra bill (hundreds of $$) in few weeks after the job done - poor management. The filling work had to be redone as well. I get an impression they are trying to have ppl pay as much as possible - so unprofessional. Not coming back.

Dentiq Dentistry / Didn't do what they said & Wont fix it!

Mar 01, 2014

I needed 4 replacement crowns in my upper smile line - they installed new crowns that were at least 6 shades lighter than my natural front teeth! Their solution? "Let us ALSO crown your front teeth too and we'll match them perfectly with the crowns we just installed" ?! Why would I want my front teeth crowned if they didn't need it? They did agree their crowns looked bad and said they would try again, at their expense... the result after a second round of temps and delays/loads more appointments? 2nd set looked exactly the same as the 1st set, except one now sticks out past my front...