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Dentawhite Complaints & Reviews

Dentawhite - Utah, Spanish Fork / Won't issue refund!!!!!


My husband purchased this "free trial" item in December 09 unbeknownst to me. If I had known he wanted to do this I would have stopped him! A co-worked had warned me of the difficulty she had. Anyway, I sent everything back certified mail, they received it and told me I would be getting a refund of $92.37. I called back in the middle of January and was told it would be 30 days. So, on February 19th, 2010 I called to say that the credit hadn't been received. I was told by a supervisor named "Jason" badge# 4803, that the merchant account that they used, Online Shop/Cardflex was closed. So...

Dentawhite - Utah, Provo / Unauthorized Charges-Rip Off


Ordered this and another product after seeing recommendations from a local social network. Since this and the other product both operated the same and unethically, I think the social networking was also a con. But I ordered the product for $.99 free trial- 10 days. Received the product 10 days after ordering- order 10/18- received 10/28. On 10/21 I ws charged $.99. On 10/26/09 I was charged $92.37. On 10/27/09 I was charged $ 92.37. When I called I received a really unpleasant younger sounding man who was combative from the opening of the call. He stated I received the product on 10/24...

Dentawhite - Ontario / &Hidden Charges&Mislead Advertising


Ordered "free" trial sample, agreed pay shipping...and then started receiving "monthly" subscriptions. They say it's in the "fine print" somewhere on the site. Well it should have been more obvious if it is; certainly it was obvious re having to pay for the shipping. Tried calling; that's a joke. Product shipped to me from a shipping depo here in Canada, but ordered online (E-Shopping) from their web site. They were hand-in-hand with another dental product...same thing, but at least I was able to get through, speak with a real "human" and cancel any further orders. I've put in a...

Dentawhite / Scam charges


My dispute with DentaWhite began in June when I ordered a “sample” of their product. I received a plain white box of their product in the mail, no printing or identifying markings so I assumed it was the sample I had ordered. Then when my credit card bill arrived there was a charge for $78.37 for a months supply of DentaWhite. I called on 6/29/09. explained that I had only ordered a sample and thus assumed that what I received was that sample. I was told that in ordering the sample I had not unchecked the auto delivery form so I was sent the product. I told the person I felt thi...